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Richard F. Scotti


Richard F. Scotti, served as a Clark County District Court Judge for six years, and recently retired from that position. Judge Scotti successfully managed a civil and criminal docket, and achieved the “Preeminent” rating by his peers – the highest rating possible in legal ability and ethical standards. He has held that distinction for 10 years in a row. His peers elected him twice to serve as one of the Governors of the State Bar of Nevada. Judge Scotti is also recognized as being in the top 1% of legal professionals by the American Bar Foundation.

As a lawyer in Clark County for 30 years, Judge Scotti obtained favorable results for hundreds of clients in both State and Federal Courts in these fields of law:

Administrative Law
Arbitration and Mediation
Business and Corporate Litigation
Complex Commercial Litigation
Constitutional law

Construction litigation
Homeowners Associations
Landlord/Tenant Rights
Premises Liability
Products Liability
Real Estate Law

Judge Scotti has the experience, courage, and organizational skills to manage high-profile complex litigation. He served as one of the lead attorneys in the longest civil jury trial in the history of Nevada, involving over 100 parties.

Judge Scotti is a highly accomplished Mediator and Arbitrator. His experience includes 10 years as a Supreme Court-appointed Settlement Judge; 10 years as a Regional Chair and Arbitrator for the Nevada State Bar Fee Dispute Program; a Supreme Court-appointed Foreclosure Mediator; and a Coordinator and Settlement Judge for the District Court Mandatory Settlement Conference Program. He can help you save enormous time and money by promoting non-judicial resolution of disputes.

A leader in the community, Judge Scotti is eager to help protect your rights.



Judge Scotti’s Comprehensive Experience as a former Judge and Attorney:


Administrative Law


Administrative law deals with governmental agency effects on the legal rights of citizens, and businesses. Judge Scotti served as the Administrative Law Judge and Prosecutor for the Nevada State Contractor’s Board and has substantial experience in labor disputes, health and safety, and licensing.




Appeals involve higher Court review of judicial decisions. Judge Scotti served as an Appeals Judge for matters arising from all

Justice and Misdemeanor Courts, and the Appeals Judge for landlord/tenant disputes. As a Judge, he maintained a very good record of the Supreme Court affirming his own decisions.


Arbitration and Mediation


Disputes often can be resolved outside of court, saving you time and money. Judge Scotti has handled several hundred arbitrations and mediations in private practice and through his service as a Supreme Court Settlement Judge for 10 years, a Supreme Court Foreclosure Mediator, a State Bar Regional chair of the Fee Dispute Program, and an Administrator of the District Court Mandatory Settlement Conference Program.

Business, Corporate, and Complex Commercial Litigation

Judge Scotti managed and presided over trials on the rights and conduct of persons and companies involving shareholders, partnerships, officers, unfair competition, trade secrets, covenants not to compete, sales, fraud, fiduciary duties, discrimination, and general employment disputes.


Constitutional Law


The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and Judge Scotti knows how to protect your crucial Constitutional rights. Judge Scotti has presided over and pursued many constitutional issues involving free speech, defamation, due process, Second Amendment, and property rights. He has lectured, written, and been published on many constitutional issues, and understands that many of your most important liberties are derived from the Constitution.


Construction Litigation


Judge Scotti is well-respected in the Construction field, having represented designers, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers, in state district court, and federal courts for 30 years. He served as counsel, administrative law judge, and prosecutor for the Nevada State Contractors Board. While serving as Judge, the Court appointed him to the Construction Defect Team for special handling of complex construction defect claims. Most importantly he was one of the lead attorneys for the longest and most complex civil jury trial in the history of Nevada in a fight between one of the major casinos, a world-wide general contractor, and over a hundred subcontractors. He also served on the District Court Construction Defect Team. Construction litigations is Judge Scotti’s passion.


General Civil Litigation


Civil litigation refers to numerous types of legal disputes other that criminal matters. This is a broad practice ranging from class actions, contracts, defamation, emotional distress, fraud, personal injuries, property, and financial loss. Judge Scotti handled dozens of these matters on a weekly basis – meaning he has practically done it all.

Homeowners Associations

Judge Scotti adjudicated numerous cases involving the rights and responsibilities of homeowners among themselves and the public. 

Premises Liability


Your claims or defenses for injuries relating to the use of real property would be skillfully pursued by Judge Scotti, as he handled these serious cases involving casinos and public lands.


Product Liability


This is an area of law involving claims that products are unreasonably dangerous causing personal injuries. Judge Scotti has successfully managed trials involving tens of millions of dollars in claims relating to death and serious injuries.


Real Estate Law


Judge Scotti has handled dozens of cases both in private practice and as a District Judge relating to ownership and possession of residential and commercial properties. His preeminence further consists of mortgages, easements, sales, defects, and landlord/tenant disputes. He served as a Foreclosure Mediator during the housing crisis 2008-20012. He was also appointed by the Chief Judge of the Courts to be the Appeals Judge for all summary eviction proceedings.